Traditional alcoholic drink of Japan, sake appeared more than 2500 years ago. Consumed for all the important life celebrations, sake is to Japan what wine is to France. Of- ten wrongly called “Japanese wine“, it is in fact a rice-based beer. The choice of the water and the polishing of grains has a major importance in the final quality of the sake. They are kept in wooden barrels, the “komodaru” or in traditional bottles, the “heishi”.


Dry Junmai – USA – 37,5cl
Delicate, dry and light sake with fresh and fruity notes.

Yamato Shizuku Junmai Ginjyo – TOHOKU – 30cl
Elegant and velvety sake with subtle flavours of apple and melon.

Michisakari Junmai Ginjyo – CHUBU – 30cl
Dry and strong sake stored in a china jar: the Tokkurine.

Yamato Shizuku Yamahai Junmai (Served warm) – TOHOKU – 10cl
Fruity sake, full of character with walnut and almonds notes.

Happo Nigori Hakkaisan (Sparkling) – CHUBU – 36cl
Sparkling, delicate and light sake.

Kubota Senjyu – CHUBU
Soft and light, perfect for sake beginners.

Kawasemi Junmai Genshu – TOHOKU
Upper, softer sake and flower, complex nose and rich flavours.

Yamato Shizuku Junmai Daiginjyo – TOHOKU
Moderately dry sake, fresh and well balanced.

Sakes Shooters – 4cl

Yamato Shizuku Yamahai Junmai (Servi tiède) – TOHOKU

Kubota Senjyu – CHUBU

Kawasemi Junmai Genshu – TOHOKU

Yamato Shizuku Junmai Daiginjyo – TOHOKU

Sake selection (4 shooters) 

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