SHABU SHA is a diminutive of SHABU SHABU, the japanese fondue. It is a variation of the chinese fondue and its name hints at the sound of meat diving into hot broth. The fondue appeared 1000 years ago in China: imported at first by mongolian people and then generalised in all Asian countries.

Concept :

Soak meat or fish into a warm broth and let it cook to suit your taste. Then add vegetables and dip them into a sauce.


Advantages :
Friendly and warm, it has all the advantages of the fondue with the added benefit of being healthier, carrying less calories than the burgundian and savoyard versions. It is a dish unique to you, with flavours suited to your own personal taste: make it your own!

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Our story :

shabusha restaurant fondue chinoise japonaise paris

Nathalie and Yinhao grew up in French and Asian cultures. Children of restaurant owners, they’ve always had a love for gastronomy, sharing its values and passion. Being part of the third generation of Chinese in Paris, they stride for innovation with this concept still little known in France. Devoted admirers of cultural entwining, travel and cuisine, they have collated the best of Asia to conceive this unique restaurant with a Japanese imprint.